Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Carter checking out the "guts" of the pumpkin. He finally touched them after a few minutes.
Superman checking out the other costumes at school.
Playing at school.

This Superman loves to play with balls!

Drawing the face on our pumpkin.

Helping mommy make pumpkin muffins.

Oh no! My hand is dirty!!!

Here are some pictures of Carter helping us carve the pumpkin yesterday. I got to go up to his class today and help with his party. The kids got to trick-or-treat at the church offices. It was so fun to see all the kids dressed up in their costumes!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweet Girl

Ally taking a bath in the sink after making "stinkies" in her bath tub!
Smiling at daddy
Daddy's little girl

I think that Ally is finally starting to feel better after her bout with the stomach bug. She has been eating better the last two days, and yesterday she took two really good naps in her bed. I hate to say anything, because I don't want to jinx it, but she even slept from 10:15pm-6:15am last night! Yippee!!! She is really growing and developing her own personality. She started smiling a last week but it has been hard to capture on the camera. Here are a few pictures of our sweet baby girl.

Pumpkin Patch

On Friday we dressed Carter and Ally in their Halloween costumes and took them to the local Farm Patch to take pictures. Yesterday we took them to our church pumpkin patch to take some more pictures. Carter fell off a pumpkin and ate a mouthful of dirt, and then he noticed the big kids playing football so he wanted nothing to do with taking pictures. Here are a few of the best ones that we took from both outings.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kids and Pets

Carter and Daisy playing in the whiskey barrel

Pheobe and Ally taking a nap
Most of the time I think that we have too many pets: 2 dogs and 2 cats. However, it has been fun to watch Carter grow up with them and learn to love animals. He is always trying to get them to play with him outside. I hope Ally learns to love animals the way Carter has learned to love them. As many people already know, we have some of the fattest cats around. My dad always says that it is a major milestone when the kids outweigh the cats! Both of these pictures were taken yesterday.

Last Year

My favorite picture of Carter

The cutest scarecrow in town
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It was so fun to take Carter to the pumpkin patch last year and dress him up as a scarecrow for Halloween. He was a big hit at all the parties we attended. This year he is going to be Superman and Ally is going to be a pumpkin. We are going to take them to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so check back for more pictures!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Carter telling Ally all about his bed.
Ally hanging out.
Carter helping Mommy make cookies.

has been a very exciting month around the Noynaert house, and I don't necessarily mean in a good way! Carter came home from school a few weeks ago with the stomach bug, which he decided to catch the day Sam left to go back to work for 2 weeks. After several rounds of vomiting and diarrhea, he finally began to feel better...because he passed it on to Ally! After a trip to the emergency room one Saturday afternoon (NOT a fun experience with a newborn), changing doctors, etc,. I think she is finally beginning to feel better. She has actually slept for 6 hours in a row for two nights now, which I am VERY thankful for!

Last weekend I attended our 10 year high school reunion. I debated about going because Sam was still at work, but I am so glad that I did. It was nice to see everyone all "grown up." On Friday there was a tailgate before the football game and I took Carter while my parents watched Ally at home. He had fun running around with all the other children, and I enjoyed showing him off a little.

Carter is at school today, and my mom took Ally to her house so I could actually have some time to do some things around the house. It is so quiet here that I am not sure what do to!

Thankfully, Sam is on his way home right now and we will get to spend some time as a family for a couple weeks before he heads off to work again!

I am posting some pictures that I have taken recently. I promise I will do a better job at putting pictures up, especially while Sam is home!