Monday, April 13, 2009

Silly Girl

I was putting away some laundry today while Carter was at school when I noticed that it was oddly quiet in the house. Fearing the worst, I started searching for Ally and this is where I found her! She was sitting in her grocery cart with her notebook that the Easter Bunny brought her. Notice the things scattered on the floor? That is the plastic food the Easter Bunny put in her basket (what was he thinking???) that she so nicely scattered ALL over the house! Life would definitely be boring without this silly girl!

More Easter Pictures

This is what Carter and Ally looked like after their naps on Sunday! We let them rest for a little bit before Mommy decided to hide the eggs outside!

Carter loved hunting for eggs outside. Who can blame him!?!? There are many more exciting hiding spots in the backyard than in the living room!
Ally has such a thoughtful big brother! He loved to share the eggs he found with her!
Ally, on the other hand, did not like sharing her eggs with anyone!!! She carried around all 17 eggs (one got eaten by the Easter Bunny!) for most of the afternoon. I finally had to take her basket away from her and hide it out of her sight!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have had an exciting and busy weekend! Grampa Chris and Nana (Sam's parents) came on Saturday to watch Carter play soccer and spend time with us. It was great having them here to help us celebrate such a special holiday!
We dyed eggs on Saturday afternoon, which both kids really enjoyed (probably because it involved painting and getting messy!). Ally ended up getting green dye and paint in her hair, and some of it is still there! That stuff is hard to get out!
The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house and left the kids a few presents and lots of candy!
It rained all night so we (I mean the Easter Bunny) ended up hiding the eggs in the house. I loved watching the Carter and Ally's expressions as each of them found the hidden eggs. It was priceless!
Ally in her pretty Easter dress. I think she is starting to look like such a little girl and not a baby! Where did my baby go???
Why is it impossible for them to take a good picture together??? At least they are both looking at the camera, even if they are giving me a dirty look!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom of the Year

There's nothing wrong with sending your kids out into the cold after dinner to hunt for bugs, is there? Sometimes I just need a little p&q (peace and quiet), especially after our challenging mealtime!

"Look!" is one of Ally's new favorite phrases (is this a picture of her touching a bug???) When I came outside to take their pictures, Carter told me, "Me and Ally are just grub finders." The other day he told Sam that "grubs taste like shrimp." Whatever works, right?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


We had a really busy day yesterday, so after church today we decided to stay home and recover the rest of the day. Carter had a soccer game, two birthday parties, and to top it all off, we had dinner at his best friend's house last night! Whew! We are really blessed to have met such wonderful new friends!

I didn't get picture from his soccer game or the first birthday party (bad mom!), so we'll fast forward to the second one! It was at our neighbor's house and it was so much fun! The Easter Bunny made an appearance, followed by an egg hunt and cupcakes!When we first got to the party, the Easter Bunny was standing in the driveway greeting everyone and taking pictures with all the kids. I was amazed that Ally took off and headed that way, because usually she won't go anywhere near someone wearing a costume. It wasn't until I said, "Ally, can you tell the Easter Bunny hi?" that she even realized he was there! The look on her face was priceless, and needless to say, it took some time before she would get out of Mommy or Daddy's arms!

Carter getting ready to hunt some eggs! He was so excited and kept asking, "Is it time?"

Daddy and Ally participating in her first egg hunt! She loved it, and after she opened one the eggs and discovered chocolate, she proceeded to open all of them! I had to give all the other chocolate candies away to other children because she kept trying to eat them (wrapper and all!).

Our neighbors have two little girls, which means that their house/backyard is filled with all things girlie! This little house is no exception, and every time we go over to their house to play, Ally spends most of the time playing inside it! It has flower planters, curtains, and all the necessary household items inside! It even has a wreath on the door that they change out for every season/holiday! Too cute!

I just looked through the rest of my pictures and didn't get any good ones from dinner...bummer! My camera has been acting up, which means I need to go fix it before I forget!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Patio Dining

Last week Gaga sent Carter and Ally a picnic table to enjoy outside on our deck. If the wind would ever stop blowing, we would actually be able to use it! We did manage to eat outside tonight without anything blowing too far away. Thank you, Gaga! We love it!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Understand!

I finally gave in last year and started watching American Idol when Jason Castro, an Aggie, made it to the finals. I had never watched the show before, maybe because we didn't have tivo and I was always putting kids to bed at the time it was on, but I will admit that I got totally sucked into it this year (thanks to my sweet hubby for finally getting me a DVR!). I didn't start watching it until they had picked the final 12, and now I can't get enough of it! I'm obsessed! I know, I'm only 8 seasons behind everyone else in America! I haven't been brave enough to vote...yet. I was really sad when Alexis Grace was voted off because I liked her and thought she had a chance of winning it all. I have several favorites, and I can't wait until Tuesday when they sing again! Bring it on!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess Who?

Can you name the person in this photo?

Time Marches On...

I can't believe that March has come and gone and April has arrived! Wow! Obviously, I haven't been in the blogging mood lately! My goal is to be a better blogger for the month of April.

Ally's first pigtails. Mommy needs to practice putting them in better, but I'm sure that will come with time (and more hair!). She loves to wear Carter's underwear and boxers, especially when we're in a hurry to get dressed and be somewhere at a certain time!
Carter participated in his first soccer game a couple of weeks ago. It was fun (although Sam would say "stressful") to watch him try to figure out what was going on! We have two more games this week!