Friday, May 30, 2008

Not Another Bow!

I was trying to get some good pictures of Ally to post when she decided to take her bow off. She doesn't do this very often, and I just happened to be armed with a camera at the right time. The pictures do not do the bow incident justice because I was laughing so hard at her trying to put it back on her head that I couldn't click fast enough!
Ugh...for some reason it won't let me upload the rest of the pictures. I'll try again later so check back.

Ms. Prissy

Ally has really started to show her personality lately. Although she is happy most of the time, there are those moments when she gets upset and she is NOT afraid to show it! She has one of the best smiles, and her laugh is contagious. Although she will only be 9 months on June 4, she thinks that she is a big girl. She will now only eat table food, and preferably the food that we are eating. Don't even think of trying to feed her, especially with a spoon, because she will have nothing of it! She shows her displeasure by pouting her lips and turning her head so that you cannot reach her mouth, sometimes hiding her face by pressing it up against her high chair! Sometimes I worry what she will be like when she is two if she is already acting like this!

One of the best things about Ally are the snuggles she gives. She loves to give out "baby hugs" and "sugars." I can only hope that she will continue to do this as she grows.

No, she isn't crawling, but why should she? She has a big brother that loves to get her things that she cannot reach, and a mommy who usually doesn't mind carrying her. At times I am ready for her to start moving, but then I really think about it, and decide that it is good thing that she is taking her time developing this skill!

Some of Ally's favorite things, in random order:

1. Carter

2. Mommy

3. Daddy

4. Gaga

5. Cheerios/Puffs

6. laughing at Carter when he makes silly noises

7. swinging

8. playing with all of Carter's toys

9. being outside

10. going shopping (ok, not yet, but I'm hoping that it will be one of her favorite things soon!)

11. playing peek-a-boo

12. being tickled

13. bath time
Just like Carter, Ally has taught me so much in her short life. I can't imagine life without her, and I love her so much. I can't wait to see what God has in store for my two beautiful children!

Friday Picnic

We didn't have much to do today after we found our local post office, so we decided to have a picnic on the back porch (after Carter asked if we could eat lunch at the zoo like we did yesterday). It wasn't too hot until the end, but I think it bothered me more than the kids. Carter thought it was really cool that we got to eat outside!

How Could I Forget???

I can't believe I forgot to list some of the most important things on Carter's "Favorite Things" list!!!

Here they are:

1. Gaga & Grandad
2. Bubba
3. baseball
4. reading books
5. Texas Aggies

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mr. Independent

"I do it by myself" are words that I have been hearing a lot lately. Not that I mind, but sometimes I still think of Carter as a baby, which he doesn't really appreciate anymore! All of the sudden, he has gotten so big! I cannot believe that he will be three in 6 short months!

Some of Carter's favorite things, in random order:

1. trucks
2. tractors
3. the zoo/animals
4. pizza
5. working with daddy/using tools
6. Ally
7. getting to watch movies
8. playing outside in his "big backyard"
9. eating hash browns from McDonald's
10. Gaga's house

He has taught me more than I could ever teach him, and I love him more than he will ever know!

Memorial Weekend

Justin got some new running shoes while he was in town, and Carter insisted that he get some, too! These are the pair that GaGa let him pick out at the mall. He wears them all the time, and has even asked if he could sleep in them!
Gaga brought the kids a new pool when she came to visit! Needless to say, we have almost worn it out since it has been so hot lately!
Carter LOVED playing in the water with Bubba!

Carter and Bubba snuggling on Saturday morning.
Ally and Bubba hanging out on the couch before they left on Monday.
Ally and Gaga laughing at mommy trying to take their picture.
Kaylie and Ally examining Carter's new shoes. I don't think Carter appreciated them playing with his new running shoes!
Kaylie and Carter thought it would be fun to get into Rebecca's purse and steal all her credit cards! Too bad she caught them before we could go shopping!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with lots of visitors! My mom and brother came into town on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. We kept them busy with trips to the zoo, mall, Sam's office, and of course, eating out at some of the local places we have found. On Sunday Rebecca and Kaylie came to see our new house and check out Fort Worth! We kept them busy, too! It was so fun having everyone come visit, and we can't wait until they all come back!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"I'm just working"

Last night I was cooking dinner while Ally and Carter were playing in Carter's room. I noticed that it had gotten quiet in there so I went in to check on them and this is what I found. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with me the first time I went in. Carter had his "workman gloves" on and was "fixing" the door. When I asked him what he was doing he replied, "I'm just working." I didn't get a picture of him with his gloves on, which are actually fleece mittens we got from Old Navy last winter. At least I don't have to worry if he has an imagination!

Fun in the Sun

We found a Super Walmart near our house yesterday. They had some sprinklers on sale so I bought this one for Carter and Ally to play with in the backyard. Ally was a little worried at first, but she ended up loving it. Carter liked it so much that I eventually had to turn it off because he was shivering uncontrollably!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Zoo, Yard Work and Park

One good thing about Fort Worth is that the zoo is right by our house! We bought an annual membership so we can go whenever we want! We also planted some new flowers in the flowerbeds by our big trees in the front yard. Carter really enjoyed helping daddy, and Ally did a good job of looking cute and attracting neighbors! We also made a trip to the park by our house today. I don't like it as much as the park by our old house, but it gives us somewhere to go when we need to get out of the house! Sorry the pictures are out of order...I don't have the patience to fix them right now!

We've Moved!!!

It's official...we are now living in Fort Worth! It was a rough week with the movers raiding our house, Carter and I having a good case of the stomach flu, and Sam being at work the whole time! However, we survived and can laugh about it all now.

Carter has done great with the move...much better than I expected. He has asked for GaGa several times, but for the most part he has been wonderful! Ally has done ok. She is sleeping well, but she has been really fussy while she has been awake. I am hoping that once she can crawl that it will be better.
Here are a few pictures from our move.