Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stitches (warning: graphic pictures)

Ally fell off the couch on Monday night and ended up busting her chin open. It was crazy how it happened, and we still aren't sure how she hit her chin in the just the right place to cause such damage! After lots of blood and a few tears (she was VERY brave), we decided to take her in to get stitches. Not exactly how I planned on spending my Monday night, but the doctor said it was a good thing we came in when we did. I think the wound grew on our way to the hospital!

Here is a picture after she actually got the stitches. It was pretty traumatic on her (and me), but I will admit that I stayed strong and didn't cry! It took 2 nurses, the doctor, me and Sam to hold her down to get the numbing shots and stitches in the chin! However, I honestly think she did better than I would have done if it had been me!!

Ally enjoyed the one-on-one time with her parents...and the ipad! She happily played it for the almost 2 hours we waited!
This is a picture right after we got back to the room (about 15 minutes after getting to the ER). She was tired and a little anxious about all the fuss being made about her chin!
At least now we can say that the first set of stitches is out of the way! I'm honestly surprised it took this long for one of them to get them!

A BIG thank you goes out to my mom for coming over to watch Carter while we took Ally to the ER! She is THE BEST!!!!!


Kelly said...

Poor Ally! I did the same thing - 3 times - same spot! Glad she was so brave!

srichardson said...

I see Kelly has already told you of her history! It was very traumatic, so we know how you feel. I know you are glad it is behind you. Ally will have a story to tell.